Low Beds

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Pirate Trailer Network is the specialized internet marketplace to buy your new and used lowbed trailers. Also called floats and dropdecks, lowbed trailers are specifically designed for heavy hauling and typically carry capacity ratings from 35 ton to 160 ton. Take the time to review Pirate Trailer Network’s lowbed trailer offerings and buy one that meets your heavy hauling requirements.

Pirate Trailer Network products thoroughly represent the remarkable range of options and uses for lowbed trailers. Lowbeds, floats or drop decks are specially designed for heavy haul loads that can be too tall for standard drop frame flatdecks or flatbed trailers. A lowbed trailer is equipped with either a mechanical detachable neck or a hydraulic detachable neck. Its pin on or pin joint rear bridge suspension gives the lowbed trailer remarkable versatility to add deck extensions, cantilevered decks, and deck widths of 8’6”wide, 9’ wide and 10’ wide. The lowbed trailer’s rear bridge beaver tail permits loading over the back. Lowbed trailer payload can be increased with a single axle booster, tandem axel booster or a 4th flip axle. Many lowbeds come with a hydraulic flip neck extension with dual king pins for use with a single axle or tandem axle jeep. Hydraulic towers, steering jeeps boom wells and boom stands on lowbed trailers add to their capacity, manoeuvrability and safety.

If you could expand your business with a lowbed trailer, consider the many choices available at Pirate Trailer Network . Compare new and used and differing brands at Pirate Trailer Network , your specialized lowbed trailer internet marketplace.