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A live floor trailer is a semi-trailer made to haul and deploy broad types of loose material such as gravel, sand, potatoes and hard vegetables. It is called a live floor trailer or a live bottom trailer in reference to the presence of a conveyer belt at the bottom of its tub to actively push the material out the back of the live floor trailer. Compared to a conventional dump truck, the pace of the dispersal is controlled by the hydraulic system in the live floor trailer, a distinct advantage.

Versatility of use is a key element for the increasing presence of live floor trailers / live bottom trailers especially in the construction and agriculture sectors of the economy. As a live floor trailer empties clean it is easy to change from one type of haulage content to another and it can handle wet or dry materials. Its low center of gravity makes for a smoother ride and better handling. Compared to a dump truck, live floor trailer insurance costs are less as it does not have to lift to dump. The lack of lifting also makes the live bottom trailer the vehicle of choice for limited height locations.

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